Ridgetop Ramble is February 10, 2013 by @SwallowBicycle #letsride

We combined some of our favorite roads and trails through Shawnee State Forest and would love to share them with you! Join us for a Ridgetop Ramble through Shawnee State Forest this Sunday, February 10.  
Location: Shawnee State Forest, Blue Creek, Ohio.
Statistics: Approximately 47 miles and 5,000ft of climbing
Terrain: Mostly gravel and paved roads with some bridle trails (double track dirt)
Estimated Ride Time: 4-5 hours (including the normal amount of stopping, jibber-jabber, and unexpected trailside bicycle repair).
Carpool Rendezvous Location and Time: 8:45 a.m. at Swallow Bicycle Works 
Ride Time and Start Location: 11:00 a.m. from the U.S. Post Office 
Meet us at whichever location is more convenient.
GPS Route: Click here.
Ride Note: This is a “choose your own adventure” ride organized to bring together a group of like-minded cyclists to ride on some of the beautiful roads within Shawnee State Forest, only an hour and half east of Cincinnati. We will be providing a map and a cue sheet for a combination of gravel and paved roads with some bridle trail. We are providing a map to encourage people to participate any way they would like, whether that’s with a group, or just a bud. There is no sag and the area we will be riding within the Shawnee State Park is rather remote, so every rider is expected to complete the ride any way they can. Also, there are no businesses, gas stations, or bathrooms to stop and refuel once we are riding, so come prepared! 
Here are some recommendations on what to bring:
A buddy to ride with if you are choosing your own pace. Try not to separate from each-other!
A bike with a minimum tire width of 32mm (we ride our cyclocross bikes with 35mm wide tires)
75oz+ of water and enough food to last you all day. Avoid the bonk! You will work hard!
Enough clothes to keep you warm going down long cool descents. 
Tools and supplies to fix any potential mechanical that you may have i.e. multi-tool, inflation device (hand-pump or more than one CO2), quick-link, tube, patch kit, tire lever, and tire boot.  
Something tasty to eat and drink for when you are finished