Roll With It Baby [@WD40Bike]

The Big Man threw everything but the four horsemen of the apocalypse down on Louisville, KY for the 2013 World Cyclocross Championships.
Mud, snow, ice, floods, freezing rain, freezing temperatures and a particularly frozen parking attendant (“LOOK AT ME!”) ruled the week.  Through it all, the city of Louisville, race organizers, racers, spectators and the trusty WD-40 BIKE Tech Support Team rolled on.
The Masters races were hit with the coldest temps of the week, with mud and ice being the nastiest obstacles.  As events progressed, the Ohio River swelled to near record levels, forcing all Elite racing into one day of competition.  A herculean effort by the city kept the river at bay until the final Rainbow Jersey was awarded. (For more on that, click here.)
The WD-40 BIKE Tech Support Team managed the all-important bike wash area in the pits.  Our stellar crew enlisted legendary mechanic TJ Grove, and some trusty volunteers, to help handle the dirty work.  A model of efficiency, the team kept a usually a chaotic scene under control, and executed all Elite events with zero wait times.  Team mechanics from around the world commended WD-40 BIKE’s efforts. 
Overall, it was an amazing cap to the 2012-2013 ‘cross season.  In the words of WD-40 BIKE wrench/poet Chris Bondus: “We stood in our pit, cold, wet and muddy during the last lap of the men's race and watched Nys and Vantornout battle it out as it started to snow.. Doesn't get much better than that.” ‘Nuff said.
Horndasch executing the text book "top-down" wash technique.

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