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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Seeing the sights in Copenhagen by bike is a wonderful, wonderful adventure [NY Daily News]

Copenhagen biking

Copenhagen is a city of bicyclists: 84% of the population owns bikes and 50% use them daily to get to work or school. And they always obey traffic rules.

An impossible series of events has just taken place. On a densely populated bicycle route, along a main artery in central Copenhagen, a woman extended her left hand before moving her bike from the lane closest to pedestrians to the one next to the cars. Thirty seconds later, a man moved his upper right arm out from his shoulder, letting the lower part swing limp to indicate he wanted to make a stop. Less than a minute later, a dense thicket of bikes arrived at a red light, at which point the riders all squeezed their breaks softly to create a pause so sure and graceful, it could have been choreographed.
For the length of that light, no one became impatient and bolted. No rider tried to angle ahead of another to plan a faster getaway. Every soul waited until they saw green, at which point the symphony of signaling began all over again.

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