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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Triformance - Your Cycling Authority

Greetings Athletes,

Are you in the market for a NEW BIKE this season?

2013 is here and many of you are looking for a NEW bike.  Whether it is a Road bike or Triathlon bike, you need to purchase the right bike for YOU.  No matter what price point your looking at, your hard earned money deserves to be spent wisely.

At TRIFORMANCE we perform a NEW Bike FIT prior to Purchase.  We execute a Dynamic 3D Bike FIT on our size cycle with RETUL technology.  We dial you in to a PERFECT FIT.  Taking into consideration your current goals, fitness, flexibility, off bike bio mechanics , performance level, and  future goals.  We are then able to cross reference our findings against most Brands, Makes and Models.  You are the given a spread sheet of the three Bikes that FIT you the BEST.

It is important to note NOT all Bikes geometries are the same.  What I mean is, that a 54 in one brand can FIT extremely different than a 54 in a different Model or Brand.  There is a lot of science involved.  You as a consumer should not be burdened with that task, THAT IS WHAT TRIFORMANCE IS HERE FOR!

You can be assured that you will receive an accurate and unbiased recommendation.  YES, we do sell bikes.  However sometimes YOU do not FIT one of the bikes we sell, we will inform you of that and give you the best recommendation regardless.

Our goal is to inform you of the BEST bike for you, that is my personal PLEDGE TO YOU!

We like to use the term “BUY WITH CONFIDENCE”! That is Triformance’s  GUARANTEE to YOU!


614 575 2453 or

Wes is the owner and founder of TRIFORMANCE and a Certified USA Cycling Coach.  In 2007, Wes made the move to primarily focus his athletic efforts in triathlon racing. He has raced dozens of triathlons from Sprint to Ironman distances. Wes is a Four-time Ironman finisher, (PR 11:32), five-time Ironman 70.3 finisher, and has raced and finished the famed American Triple-T twice. He has placed in the top of his age group in numerous races including first place relay at Outer limits Triathlon and first place relay Giant Eagle (40K PR avg 26.2 mph). Wes is a graduate from Retül University, where he worked directly under Todd Carver and holds a Masters and PhD RETUL degree with advanced TT/Triathlon Certification.
Wes ‘area of expertise is combining a Comfortable and Sustainable Aerodynamic FIT.  While maximizing Drag reduction and Power output.
*Other Accreditation's include: TRX Group Fitness, Mad Dogg Spinning, Cycle Ops Coaching with Power, CPR/AED Certified

Thank you and as always…Rubber side down,

Have questions?  No problem..just call 614-575-2453. 
In case you have not heard yet…we are open by appointment, so we can accommodate YOUR unique schedule.

Thank You for your continued support and have a fantastic Race Season,


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