Tulane study finds cycling surge after city bike lane project [Tulane University]

The city of New Orleans has added more than 37 miles of bike lanes on 16 streets since 2008. (Photo by Paula Burch-Celentano)

Bike lanes continue to gain popularity in New Orleans with the latest set of lanes boasting a surge in riders, according to a new Tulane University study.

On South Carrollton Avenue, researchers at Tulane University School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine saw more than three times the number of people cycling after one-mile long bike lanes were striped.

Kathryn Parker, assistant director of Tulane’s Prevention Research Center, led the study that was conducted over a 10-day period in September 2009 and again in September 2010 – before and after the lanes were installed. The findings were recently published online in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine.

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