Upcoming Film about Afghan Women’s Cycling Team [combatapathy]

The bicycle is a commonly used metaphor for change and freedom – wheels in motion, self powered movement, pedaling a revolution…
The bicycle lives up to this metaphor in Afghanistan as the Women’s National Cycling Team begins to take shape.
Cycling is not an acceptable thing for women to do in Afghanistan, even while women’s sports grow and the first Afghan women have competed in the Olympics, cycling is still considered culturally offensive.  But when the men’s team formed, Kabul girls wanted to ride. At this point, the team is made up of 10-12 women, and despite officially forming the national women’s team, they must be kept as an underground sport. Using borrowed gear, they are trying to build the team and the sport. Whether or not they are aware of it, what they are doing is a huge step for Afghan women as there are only 60-70 female riders throughout the entire country.
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I am proud to announce that this spring we are partnering with the Mountain2Mountain‘s domestic program Strength in Numbers to tell the story of the Women’s Cycling Team in Afghanistan. We will be making a short documentary film about what it means to ride in the controversial country. From their everyday realities at home, to their religious and cultural traditions and lifestyles, we will be following the brave women taking the risk to follow their passion for mountain biking.