Wheel Mill Pittsburgh

No matter what type of bike you ride we have something for you. Here are some of the features we will house in our 80,000 SQ FT bike riding mecca.

Jump Park!

12,000 Square feet of jump lines, set up to mimc the feeling of riding some of Pennsylvania’s many world class trails. Designed in collaboration with professional BMX riders to insure you get that true trail feeling.
  • Beginner box jumps and rollers for those who are new to the experience.

MTB Trails!

Beginner to expert, east coast rocky to west cost big mountain, we have all the obstacles. Designed to feel as natural as your favorite piece of single track, we have lines that flow together and never get old.
  • Trials area
  • Warm up area: an area with movable and fixed obstacles that are prefect for fine tuning your handling skills or shaking the dust off.

Pump Track!

7,000 square foot pump mecca – great for perfecting your race skills of working on your pump so you can go for big air in the jump park.

Street Park!

If trails aren’t for you, or if you’re an all around rider, we have 6,000 square feet of straight-up skate park.

Bike Polo!

All year round bike polo events and practice.

Oval Track!

Bring your track bike and your legs for some banked track fun. Great for training or a short race among friends.
  • BMX  gate start practice to keep you fresh all year long.

Spin Room!

A spinning room designed for the serious racer or weekend warrior. Spinning classes instructed and designed by professional spinning instructors and national level cycling coaches. Be on the lookout for strength training classes, injury prevention seminars and yoga for cyclists.

Wheel Mill Located at : 6815 Hamilton Ave, Pittsburgh Pa 15208