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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Argonaut Lookbook

As a medium, carbon offers unlimited potential. Until Argonaut, you had to make a compromise: If you wanted the benefits of cutting-edge technology, you could go with one of the Big Three, “your” bike just one of hundreds marching down the same assembly line, “your” size just a letter on the tag of a T-shirt. If you wanted custom sizing, you could go with tube-to-tube or wrapped carbon, cobbled together without regard for the true benefits of the material. It’s impossible to make the best carbon fiber bicycle frame by cutting corners. So we don’t.
You need proof? Let’s dispense with the formalities: Our engineering and production facility has been a leader in composite manufacturing for over 30 years. We have advanced molding and carbon tooling down to a science. A 4-axis CNC machine? Check. A 50-foot automated plotter? Check. We are engineers who know carbon just as well as we know the trails and twisting descents of our Pacific Northwest. We can make anything. Better. Lighter. Stronger. We choose to make your bike.
Full disclosure: We geek out about torsional stiffness, and wax philosophical about fiber to resin ratios. We’re nerds like that. But words don’t win races. And jargon doesn’t make a 16% grade any less punishing. Imagine a carbon frame that takes all of what the Big Three has to offer and marries it with the relationship that only a custom builder can give you. That is Argonaut.


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