Bike-Riding Banned On The OSU Oval Beginning April 17 [WOSU]

OSU students, faculty and staff will 'Honor The Oval' beginning April 17th(Photo: Ohio State University)
University officials are calling it “Honor The Oval.” Starting April 17, the Ohio State Oval will be restricted to pedestrians only. Bicyclists and skateboarders will have to dismount and walk across the heart of campus.
OSU officials began studying changes to vehicular and pedestrian traffic last fall after a number of accidents occurred. After months of study, both short-range and long-term goals were established. One of those goals will be implemented April 17. It will turn the Oval into what’s being called a Walk Zone.
Lindsay Komlanc, a spokeswoman for the university’s Office of Administration and Planning, says the study helped identify how different modes of transportation interacted with one another.
“One of the ways we wanted to start to stress the need for us to separate the different forms of transportation was by establishing a walk zone on the oval to help show which types of transportation were most suitable for different areas,” Komlanc says.


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