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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Columbus To Add 300 Bikes To Downtown Share Program [NBC4i]

The City of Columbus plans to spend more than 2.2 million dollars to begin a Bike Share program in the downtown area, which means there could be about 300 more bikes on the road by the summer.
The City of Columbus is already considered a bike-friendly area with bike trails and stations where bicyclists can put air in their tires. Now, a new deal with Alta Bike Share could put more bikes on the roads.
The bike share program is expected to increase bike traffic on roads downtown. NBC4's Liz Adeola took a look at how the increase of cyclists will impact safety.
Lieutenant Brent Mull with the traffic bureau of the Columbus Division of Police says he believes Columbus has become a bike friendly town, but he says he has seen it all. "A couple of months ago, we had a bicyclist hit a pedestrian. The pedestrian is still in a coma." With the new bike share program, he says the number of accidents will likely increase.
 "Whenever you get more vehicles in one spot, your accident [level] is going to go up. It relates to volume," said Mull. He says he is most concerned about the pedestrians. "We don't want to get put into a situation where the biggest guy wins. We want to make sure so both people are educated and both people win."
The 30 bike share kiosks are scheduled to be installed in various areas of downtown Columbus in the coming months. The bikes will be available to the public to rent by using a credit or debit card. Users will be able to rent the bikes for a little as 30 minutes or for as many as three days.
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