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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cycles dʼAutremont - Burlington VT

Every frame builder hopes to lay claim to the space between rider and bicycle, the balance between aesthetic beauty and stark practicality. It’s the goal: to contribute, to connect, to shepherd into being a tool that helps people live cycling. Cycles dʼAutremont aims to to build bikes that balance art with tool. This balance is what makes creative craft so compelling. A great frame has to fit, not just physically, but emotionally. It is the interpreter, translating the experience of pedaling into the ride. The subjective points of interpretation: angles and tubing choices, method and joinery, fork and wheels are the space where we love the work, the decisions, and the careful collaborative thought. Every bike is a chance to be better, to hit those choices just right with a client. Here, frames are built from a dialogue between client and builder. Here, frames celebrate the rider. That’s the process. It’s born of conversation and concepts. It’s finished when the frame is good. It’s finished when the frame is yours.


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