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Monday, March 25, 2013

Driver Hits Cyclist In Bike Lane And Keeps Going As Victim Clings To Front Of Van [gothamist]

31913mangled bike.jpg
Kelly's mangled bike (John Kelly)
John Kelly is lucky. Lucky that he wasn't seriously injured when a van struck him (twice) while he was riding his bike home in Astoria, lucky that the van's windshield wipers didn't give out as he clung to them while the vehicle kept moving, and lucky that at least four people witnessed the whole thing. "I'm just astounded," Kelly says. "[The driver] just stared at me the whole time I was hanging on the hood and shouting. He just had this angry look on his face. It was really disconcerting."
One of the witnesses to the hit-and-run, Michelle Islas, says she was walking with a friend down 35th Street at 30th Avenue on Saturday afternoon when she saw the collision. "We see a man on a bike, and a van hits him once on the side—he tries to keep his balance, but the van kept going into the bike lane and hit him again. He was holding on to the windshield wipers and screaming but the van kept going."
Liane Gustafson heard screaming from her apartment on 35th Street and looked out her window. "People on the street were screaming at the guy in a navy blue van, telling him to stop. One man ran over and started banging on the van's window, and [Kelly] is just holding onto the van, until he managed to get out of the way, and the van ran over his bike and sped off."


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