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Monday, March 11, 2013

London’s Billion Euro Cycling Plan – A Story of Successful Advocacy [ECF]

About ECF’s UK members
ECF’s member groups in the UK include Cyclenation, the umbrella group of city cycling campaigns, CTC the national cyclists’ organisation and Sustrans the sustainable transport charity. All played a big part in the campaigns in London.
You can find a copy of London’s new planhere
London has planned to spend over €1 billion (£913 million) to revitalize urban cycling. Such changes would not have been possible without a strong advocacy movement. 
You’ve probably heard the news. London’s cycling revolution has been backed with money, big money. More than one billion euro. 
The capital’s ambitious new cycling plan backs Dutch style infrastructure with strong commitments on better cycle routes, traffic restriction and ‘Little Holland’ style developments. The £913m investment forms part of a ten year plan with the majority of infrastructure to be built within the first four years. 
So how did this change come about? Well, credit should definitely go to bicycle advocacy groups who brought about this change. The ‘game-changing’ plan was in large part due to their hard work. 
London’s new cycling commissioner, Andrew Gilligan said: ““Both the Mayor and I pay tribute to the London Cyclists’ Campaign, journalists, bloggers and other campaigners for driving the issue so far up the political agenda.”


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