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Thursday, March 7, 2013


Image of a PiCycle Limited bike from the Pi Mobility website
What does a bicycle plus a motorcycle equal? A PiCycle of course. This nifty mode of transport is a hybrid bike that is powered by both human energy and an electric motor. Depending on your mood and how much energy you’d like to expend, PiCycles let you decide how you’d like to ride: as a bike, a motorcycle or both. But unlike your standard motorcycle, the PiCyle does not emit any tailpipe emissions and uses less than 200 pounds of CO2 - the same amount of energy as a hair dryer. Created by PiMobility, the eco-conscious company locally designs and manufactures these sustainable two wheeled wonders with the 21st century rider in mind.
Convenience is a major part of PiCycles, and all the bikes can be charged and plugged into any standard electric outlet. To make the deal even sweeter,  each bike is equipped with a charger suitable for smartphones, GPS units, cameras and speakers. Besides being a smooth ride, Pi Mobility offers their riders an app that provides an intuitive readout of their speed, charge level and efficiency, as well as alerting them to any necessary bike maintenance. [Source: Pi Mobility]


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