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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Take a survey about cycling

This questionnaire is the first step of a research project about recreational and competitive cyclists and cycling. All participants in the project have the chance to win one of our gift certificates worth $150. The gift certificates can be redeemed at to order cycling clothing, helmets, eyewear, etc. Responding to the survey will take about 9 minutes.

The questions in this survey are about :
- your demographic profile
- your participation in cycling events
- your use of a cycling training plan
- your lifestyle
- the cycling equipments you use
- the media you use and consumption habits

The objective of this research project is to better understand the lifestyle of cyclists of all levels and to explore how cyclists train in order to develop better training plans. Your information will only be used for statistical analysis and segmentation and will not be public or shared. 
If you wish to have additional information about this research project, please contact me by email. 
My email is :

Thank you for participating in my research project. Please feel free to transfer my email invitation to other recreational or competitive cyclists you know. 

Michael Jungbauer


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