Atomic22 Infiniti3D bike security

The biggest thing to happen to bicycle security since the D-lock: infiniti3D security™

The patent pending inifniti3D security™ system will revolutionise the way you ride your bike. You can now secure every removable component on your bicycle against theft. Carry just one lock and never again worry about where and how long you leave your bike! 

We've invented and designed the highest security fasteners in the world - to ensure your bike and it's components remain yours. 

Simply replace the existing fasteners on your bike with patent pending infiniti3D security™ fasteners to prevent stripping of components and make your bike an unattractive target for theft.

Secure anything and everything

From wheels to levers, from saddles to rear mechs, from brakes to pedals, you can lock it all up using the patent pending infiniti3D security™ system! 

You also secure additional components in the future, all to match your existing key. [Keep reading at Atomic22]