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Friday, April 12, 2013

Cyclodeo is kind of like Google Street View, except for cyclists

With eco-friendliness becoming more and more of a thing these days, it's no wonder that many have turned to the ever-efficient bicycle. Of course, cycling in the big city comes with risks, which is why you might want to try out Cyclodeo before you head out.
Dutch startup Cyclodeo wants to make a comprehensive, video-powered resource for bicycle-loving people everywhere. It's kind of like Google Street View, except with videos of actual bike rides being plotted out on Google Maps. Each Cyclodeo "ride" is also outfitted with statistics like the ride duration, average speed, elevation, and distance travelled. Most interestingly, perhaps, is the fact that you can examine every segment of a route thanks to the fact that everything is geo-coded.
Right now, Cyclodeo will let you take a virtual ride through New York City, Copenhagen, Vancouver, Vienna, some bits of the Netherlands, and a few other European cities. Naturally, there are plans on expanding coverage even further.
Let us know if you see any angry polar bears chasing people down in Stockholm in Cyclodeo.


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