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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ocean Air Cycles Rambler

The Rambler is our flagship sport touring model made in the USA.  A true sport touring bike rooted in the traditional french style with modern design and hand-made in the USA.
The OAC design sketchbook is filled with ideas for other models, some will come to fruition, others will likely remain a sketch.  The culling process for future models is driven by many factors, customer feedback being one of them, so if you have a wish list let me know.  All Ocean Air models will have a solid design base rooted in proper handling for the intended use, material strengths that are appropriate, but not overbuilt  and a focused purpose.  The designs will never need to make the compromises seen by larger companies, wheel size appropriate to the fit and function of the design, room for tires and fenders,
Applying strong engineering principles and decades of riding experience to the design process we have some strong feelings that do not always fall in line with the current mass market.  Wider tires can be faster if appropriate used.  Stiffer is not always better.  Engineered flex in the frame can improve the rider/bicycle interaction increasing speed and comfort.  There is more to it than flex, location of the flex, direction of motion with respect to human kinematics and keeping the areas of high stress stronger all play into design choices.  Steel is the original “green” bicycle material, easily repaired, recycled and has an incredible fatigue life for the price, translating into a long lasting durable ride.
Ideas that are pushing to the front of the line?  A 650b camper with sloping top tube(s), a few unique twists, but intended to be an upright bike that will pick up a bit where mountain bike design diverged when suspension stole the show.  A pure sport bike pushing the rambler design towards the lighter and faster side of things.  I could go on and on with my own wish list, but first need to get the Ramblers rolling.


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