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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pedal Instead is looking for Volunteers!

Pedal Instead is a fenced, monitored, FREE bicycle corral located near the entrance of major events. To park your bike conveniently at a corral:
  1. Check this website for the location of our corral, or follow maps or signs at the event.
  2. Fill out a claim tag with your zip code and the number of miles you biked to the event. If it is possible you might lose your claim tag (heaven forbid), fill in your name and phone number.
  3. Grab anything you’ll need off your bike, make sure everything else is securely attached (we don’t want anything to fall off), and roll your bike to one of our volunteers.
  4. Go. Have fun. Really. We love bikes and bicyclists, we will keep your bike safe.
  5. Retrieve your bicycle with the claim tag when your revelry is complete!
Consider throwing down a coupla bucks before you ride away—Pedal Instead is operated by nonprofits and we couldn’t do this without your financial support!
Check out their upcoming events and sign up online!


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