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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Simplify your life: Go car-free [CNN]

(CNN) -- When 25-year-old Emily Knies moved from Seattle to Chicago two years ago, being able to easily and happily live car-free was a key consideration. For one thing, she doesn't have a driver's license -- and from the time she was a kid, she never wanted to own a car.
"I knew I wanted to live in a city where I could find a job and the culture I wanted. That normally comes with public transportation," says Knies, program events manager at the nonprofit Step Up Women's Network in downtown Chicago. If there's a work meeting outside the office, "I am much more prone to just walking; it's always my first instinct."
Living in the artsy Ukrainian Village neighborhood west of downtown Chicago, she finds having a vehicle "is just not that necessary. It doesn't make sense to buy a car to go to the grocery store or to the movie theater. I would rather have a really nice dinner than fill up a tank of gas." If she and her partner need occasional wheels to get around or out of town, they rent them.


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