The Original Carton Cage

For the last few months, Luke and Dan, Directors and Designers at Click Industrial Design, have been working hard to bring The Original Carton Cage to the masses.
A square bicycle bottle cage, The Original Carton Cage is designed to enable cyclists all around the World to enjoy their carton of milk, juice or smoothie on the go. We’re pretty sure this the only square bicycle bottle cage in the World (and if it’s not the first, we’re damn certain it’s the best).
The Original Carton Cage holds a 1 litre carton of liquid AND standard bottle cage bottles – making it ideal for cyclists who want to chop and change between drinking water from their own round bottle and cartons of their favorite juice.
Available in jet black, aluminium grey and pastel blue, The Original Carton Cage is easy to attach to your bike using your existing bike bottle cage braze ons or a clamp. If you don’t already own a clamp and you’re not sure which one to buy, email us with details of your bike and we’ll recommend one for you.
Designed in Sheffield and made in England. The Original Carton Cage is available to buy now.