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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Amish Country Bike Camping Adventure (May 11-12, 2013)

Overcast and upper 40's/low 50's
4 cyclists (Ray, Bill, Brett, Tim)
Coshocton, OH start
Clark, OH
Beck Mills, OH (Beckless of course)
Charm, OH (lunch)
Berlin, OH (stopped for chocolate)
Winesburg, OH (Camped at Amish Country Campgrounds)
Dinner in Winesburg (My wife drove up to camp with us)

Saturday night a cold front moved through with rain and wind and temps dropped into upper 30's/low 40's

Sunny and clear with headwinds of 20-30 mph
No restaurants are open in the heart of Amish country on Sunday. (Duh!)
We ate breakfast at camp and headed out
Sugar Creek, OH (sightseeing and lunch)
End at Coshocton, OH
8300 ft of climbing
Lots of Amish and cows scattered throughout beautiful countryside.


Matt said...

Sounds fun, but I can't even imagine that much climbing or riding into that much of a headwind! Maybe some day I'll be able to do a ride like this!

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