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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bicyclists ask legislators for 3-foot safe zone on roads [Dispatch] @yaybikes Rob Hendricks highlighted

Without warning last fall, Rob Hendricks felt a sedan going 45 mph smash into the back wheel of his bike.
He tumbled backward onto the windshield, cracking four ribs and shattering two vertebrae. He came to rest face-down and shoeless on the pavement.
Hendricks, who was hit about 6:45 a.m. in the Easton Town Center area during his 5-mile commute to work, said setting tougher rules will make drivers share the road.
Hendricks was one of about 15 cyclists who pedaled from the Short North to the Ohio Statehouse yesterday. Clad in Spandex and still sweating from the hot ride, representatives of the group testified in support of a bill designed to encourage motorists to share space with bicyclists.
The law would require drivers to leave a 3-foot space — about an arm’s length — when passing bikers on the road. Current law says cars should keep a safe distance.

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