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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Highlands Passage Ride in Slade, KY is Saturday, June 8, 2013 #letsride @SwallowBicycle

For the past couple of months we have been exploring new places to ride with you. A couple of weeks ago we decided to venture down to the Red River Gorge area and explore the surrounding land. We decided on a route that linked a series of roads to intriguing natural landmarks. We rode that route and liked it so much that we’d like to ride it again, this time, with you! Join us for Highlands Passage, Saturday, June 8. 
Ride Note: Choose your own adventure and participate at your own risk! This is simply a scheduled time to ride and complete a common route with a variety of fun folks. We will provide you with a cue sheet and a basic map to encourage you to participate in any way you would like, whether that is with a group, or just a bud. There is no sag and the area we will be riding through is some-what remote with only a few places to stop for food and water if you need to refuel. Please come prepared!
GPS Route: Click here.
Date and Time: 10:00 AM on Saturday, June 8, 2013
Start Location: Miguel’s Pizza off of Natural Bridge Rd, Slade, KY.
Terrain: Paved roads with a 10 mile section of hard packed gravel.
Statistics: 108 miles and approximately 9000 ft. of climbing. 
Interested in this ride and adventure, but not in 108 miles? There is a 36-mile option planned for you. Ride the first 28 miles and the last 8 miles of the longer route then go on your own second adventure within Red River Gorge while you wait for your friends/family to finish the longer ride. For more information on this ride, click here.
Here are some recommendations
Friend: Bring a buddy to ride with if you are choosing your own pace. Try not to separate from each other.
Bike: Bring a bike that is comfortable for you to ride a long distance easily on paved roads and a section of hard packed gravel. There are also a lot of hills so you won’t regret having some climbing gears! We comfortably ride road bikes with wider, 28mm tires, but bikes with 23mm to 2.3” tires will do the job. 
Fuel: Bring enough food and water to last you 2-3 hours between stops. There will be a few opportunities to stop at businesses along the way to refuel. 
Jacket: Even if it is warm, bring a lightweight jacket or vest for long, cool descents, and potential weather.
Lights: We will travel through a tunnel with no lighting. Bring a front light to see the road in front of you and a rear light to make yourself visible.
Tools: Bring the tools and supplies you need to fix any potential mechanical that you may have.
Parking: The parking at Miguel’s Pizza is first come, first serve. If the parking is full, we recommend parking here and simply riding over to Miguel’s to meet the group. 
Camping and places to stay: Click here to find more information about places to stay in the area.


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