Public Bikes R16

After years of requests for an affordable classic road bike for the city, we designed our own: the PUBLIC R16. It has been styled after the best vintage road bikes but with the benefits of modern components for easier shifting, stronger braking, and lighter weight. We designed the PUBLIC R16 to meet the demands of both urban and recreational riding. With its drop handlebars, road bike geometry, and sixteen speeds, the PUBLIC R16 delivers more performance than city bikes and is ideal for longer commutes. And there are no other new road bikes in the market that come with matching fenders and optional add-on matching rear racks - features more commonly found on retro-inspired handmade steel framed bikes.

Lightweight and agile the PUBLIC R16 can tackle curbs and handle all forms of asphalt, concrete or bike paths. With aesthetic details such as brown tires, leather toe straps, a retro saddle with brass rivets, and matching rims and fenders, it rolls like a custom steel framed road bike. The PUBLIC R16 is ultra-comfortable, versatile, unisex, and capable of turning heads at a neighborhood coffee shop or distant mountaintop. You can add an optional matching PUBLIC Slender Rear Rack to carry a pannier, bag, lock, or other items.

We designed the PUBLIC R16 with several customers in mind.
  • Any beginner or experienced rider who needs one bicycle that can serve both for everyday transportation and weekend recreation.
  • Experienced riders who own and ride high performance aluminum or carbon fiber bikes and want a stylish and comfortable bike for the city.
  • Design aficionados and purists who appreciate simple lines and classic styling over swoopy shapes and loud graphics.

What makes the PUBLIC R16 different from other PUBLIC bikes?

Customers tell us theyve ridden their PUBLIC city bikes on long 30-100 mile rides and even on charity rides from San Francisco to Los Angeles. But with sixteen speeds and lighter weight, the PUBLIC R16 makes any longer or hilly ride more efficient. The classic road bike frame geometry also allows for more agility, quicker handling and acceleration, and better climbing compared to our traditional PUBLIC city bikes. There are special styling details with the PUBLIC R16:

  • Leather toe straps
  • Retro saddle with brass rivets
  • Bar end shift levers for durability and simplicity
  • Perforated handlebar tape for comfort
  • Dual water bottle mounts
  • Real gum rubber dia-compe brake lever hoods inspired by classic road bikes
  • Subtle brown tires with cream sidewalls with painted rims to match the frame
  • Lighter wheels for quick acceleration
  • Optional matching PUBLIC Slender Rear Rack for carrying panniers and bags