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Friday, May 31, 2013

Realtors Using Pedal Power To Sell Homes [Forbes]

(Forbes Image)
When Jeanne Harrison, a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker’s Capitol Hill office in Washington, D.C.,  takes clients shopping for a home, her preference is to do the tour using two wheels, not four.
Real estate agents usually “drive fancy cars,” says Harrison,  who along with her partner, Phil Guire, prefers to bicycle instead. “We sell a lot of real estate and we get around by bike a lot.”  After all, in the busy, hard-to-park Capitol Hill area,  pedal power “is the fastest way to get around.”
Ms. Harrison, and her partner, Phil Guire, are  among the growing cadre of real estate agents nationwide cycling alongside their clients to see prospective houses. While she rides her own bike, the buyers often  use the cruisers for rent at the Capital Bikeshare stations.
In part because of its health and environmental benefits, biking is  becoming an increasingly popular way to commute. The District’s three-year-old bike-share program is flourishing. New York’s Citi Bike bike-sharing program launches May 27 with thousands of  three-speed bikes and hundreds of stations.  In June, Chicago joins the fray with hundreds of  two-wheeled cruisers,  initially with about 75 solar-powered docking stations (Washington and New York’s stations are solar-powered too). Within a year, Chicago’s downtown and River North areas are expected to be  home to 400 bike-share stations and about 4,000 bikes.


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