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I’m a big fan of wide-range doubles and smaller chain rings. When I first got into cycling, I never quite understood why double chainrings started in the 50t range. As a beginner cyclist, the 52t chainring is more aspirational than functional. As a touring cyclist, the 50t+ chainring (for me anyways) acted more like a pointy bash guard. It seems like a pointless standard that slavishly follows racing trends (though believe it or not, most cyclists don’t race). Years later and having about thousands of miles and a cross-country trip under my belt, for me a 50t+ chainring is still bonkers. When I caught wind ofSugino’s OX601D Compact Plus (here on out referring to it as “Compact Plus” in this review), which promises smaller chainring combinations that simply don’t exist in the mainstream cycling market, I was ecstatic. Having previously tried Velo-Orange Grand Cru cranks, I was sold on the wide-range double concept and was interested on Sugino’s take on them.

The Impossible Crankset

I got the opportunity to try them out and was given a choice of chainrings. You can order the outer rings in 44t, 46t, 48t and 50t flavors and the inner rings from 36t to 30t in two tooth increments. For most, these permutations of inner and outer rings would be plenty. However, I wanted to see what was possible and asked about the SMALLEST chainring I could get for the inner. As a point of reference, I’m currently running a SRAM mountain double in 42-28 on my Vaya but wanted to see if I could have an even wider range than that! Low and behold, Sugino offers a 26t that will work with the Compact Plus!
I decided to try a 44-26 combination with a modern 10 speed drive train and STI shifters… and wait for the universe to implode. A 44-26 is absolute heresy when compared to standard double offerings, even when set against mountain doubles and SRAM’s WiFli. If anything a 44-26 would be WiFli EXTREME PLUS XXX...
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  1. Almost got the 801, which is about the equivalent of $350 US here in Japan, which is what the 601 costs Stateside, eh? In the end I kept my triple as the q-factor was less than 1cm more than the 601/801. I have changed the rings from 52/42/30 to 46/39/26... but I have to get around to moving the front derailleur down 6mm to match the new chainring radii. Who needs anything outside 20-100"?

  2. Is the 601D actually available anywhere?

  3. Is the 601D actually available anywhere?


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