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Monday, May 20, 2013

Support Yay Bikes! (@yaybikes) on May 26th at Hal & Al's Food Truck event

Hal & Al’s is working hard to promote some positive things for the area as well as help them some worthy causes raise funds for their organizations. And how do we plan on doing it? By inviting a bunch of food trucks and... carts to our street the last Sunday of each month from 12 noon to 6pm!
Bring your blankets, lawn chairs and appetites for this monthly event at the corner of Parsons Avenue and E. Gates St. and watch this space for updated information about what trucks and carts will be here and specific dates.
May 26th
July 7th

June's event (during comfest) moved to first Sunday in July.
August 25th
September 29th
October 27th
Here’s our lineup for our Food Truck and Cart Hop on May 26th from 12 noon to 6pm
Look for our favorite food trucks and carts to be set up to feed you, and this time your dog, lunch and dinner at the northwest corner of Parsons and E. Gates.
Pedal Instead provides FREE secure bicycle parking at festivals throughout Central Ohio. Ride your bicycle to Hal & Al's for the event and park your bike for FREE and SECURELY with Pedal Instead.
Yellow Boys Polish Boys
For dessert:
And for your dog:
The first 100 people and their dogs to visit the Chef Michael’s Food Truck for Dogs will receive a thoughtful meal experience for their dog as well as a complimentary dinner (up to $10) the day of the event from a participating food truck. 
This month’s hop will benefit Yay Bikes!
Yay Bikes! creates opportunities for personal and community transformation through innovative campaigns and unconventional partnerships that promote bicycling as an alternative to driving.
Yay Bikes! envisions a Central Ohio in which people ride their bicycles for as many trips as possible.
Yay Bikes! can be counted on to uphold the following values:
  • Integrity, Kindness and Authentic Communication in our personal interactions
  • Innovation, Partnership and Excellence in our work
  • Peace, Prosperity, Health and Happiness in our communities

Theory of Change
Yay Bikes! knows that many factors determine how we choose to get from Point A to Point B. We tend to focus on the human factors that influence our travel behavior — things like our unexamined habits, our fears, whether or not we have children, the way we are expected to look at work, our sense of personal identity, how educated we are about various modes, etc. While we do have something to say about our built environment, the bulk of our work is in the following areas:                               
  • CYCLIST EDUCATION — Ensuring that all who ride a bicycle know how to do so safely and legally
  • SOCIAL MARKETING CAMPAIGNS — Engaging entire communities in transportation behavior change
  • BICYCLE CULTURE — Cultivating a positive, inclusive bike culture in Central Ohio
  • MOBILITY SOLUTIONS — Ensuring that all people have equitable access to basic amenities
  • MOBILITY RESEARCH — Seeking to understand how people make transportation choices and how to influence them
  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT — Leveraging bicycling to promote small businesses and retain talent

Current programming includes
  • How We Roll
  • Pedal Instead
  • Year of Yay!
  • Bike the C-Bus
Not as many food trucks and carts as the big ones  But you won’t have to stand in line for an hour to get your food and you can bring it in to Hal & Al’s to enjoy with your favorite craft brewed adult beverage!


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