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Monday, May 13, 2013

When is Bike to Work Week and Day? [League of American Bicyclists]

Sponsored by the League, National Bike Month is an opportunity to celebrate the unique power of the bicycle and the many reasons we ride. Whether you bike to work or school; to save money or time; to preserve your health or the environment; to explore your community or get to your destination, get involved in Bike Month in your city or state — and help get more people in your community out riding too!
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When is Bike to Work Week and Day?

In 2013, Bike to Work Week is May 13-17 and Bike to Work Day is Friday, May 17

When is Bike to School Day?

In 2013, Bike to School Day is May 8.

Bike Month Guide

Need some ideas? Use the League's Bike Month Guide to learn how to get started promoting your event.

Bike Month Promotion

Click here to download logos, posters, web banners, a social media toolkit, a Bike Month Bingo sheet and more! Contact with any specific questions!

Bike Month Events

Check the Bike Month events section often to see what Bike Month and Bike to Work Week events are going on in your community. Also, post your area, club, business or school's Bike Month events on our Web site for free! Post or find Bike Month events today. 

U.S. Bike Commuter Data

According to the US Census Bureau's American Community Survey, the share of Americans commuting by bike has grown by 47 percent since 2000. Many Bicycle Friendly Communities have more than doubled their bike commuter share since 2000. Read more and find stats for your area.

Ride Better

The League's Ride Better page has detailed the Rules of the Road and commuting tips to making riding fun and safe for all new and returning riders.


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