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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bicyclists follow Waterfront Trail across Ontario; spending as they go [BikingBis]

This surely isn’t the first time you’ve heard this, but it certainly bears repeating: Creating long-distance bicycle routes and trails draws travelers on two wheels who spend money.
Ontario's Waterfront Trail (click for detail)
Ontario’s Waterfront Trail (click for detail)
Twenty-seven Canadian communities will learn that this summer when a new, 370-mile section Ontario’s Waterfront Trail will be opened along the north shore of Lake Erie.
Coming in the slipstream of that trail opening will be 200 bicyclists on the Great Waterfront Trail Adventure Bike Tour. More will surely follow on their own and in small groups.
To learn about bicycle tourism, local merchants are attending seminars to learn the benefits of being bicycle friendly. according to the Windsor (Ont.) Star.
One suggestion, for instance, is for hotels to provide secure storage for bicyclists and provide information that touring bicyclists would find helpful. Wineries are told to install bike racks so passing bicyclists will be encouraged to stop.


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