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Thursday, June 20, 2013

CHALLENGE OF A LIFETIME [] Go Chris, Taylor & Kristen! #letsride

Chris Arndt didn’t have much time to stop and chat Tuesday.
Arndt, who hails from Columbus, Ohio, was one of about 140 people who are racing through Helena as part of the Tour Divide. As he passed by Reeder’s Alley on his way up Grizzly Gulch, Arndt paused to woefully note that he slipped by seven positions when he stopped for lunch at Pizza Hut.
“They had all-you-can-eat pizza for $5. I bet I ate two,” Arndt said, with a wide grin below his helmet and sunglasses. “I was in the top 10 until just a few minutes ago and plan to be in Butte later today.”
With that, he put his feet back on the pedals and turned his mountain bike back toward the Continental Divide. He left Banff on Friday, embarking on the 2,745-mile ultra-challenge, and chances are he’ll make it to the finish line in New Mexico in about three weeks.


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