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Thursday, June 13, 2013

HALO Fuel Cell: A Charger For Your Outdoor Needs [Kickstarter]

Get lost in the woods, but don’t lose your charge! The HALO powers devices for the outdoor enthusiast and emergency preparedness.
Portable Power
The HALO Fuel Cell is an outdoor power station that fits standard fuel canisters. It is sized to be a portable, compact, and lightweight addition to your current gear. HALO allows you to keep your electronics running while on camping trips or the times you are left without electricity.
The Halo Fuel Cell charging an iPad.
The Halo Fuel Cell charging an iPad.
Cutting-edge Fuel Cell Technology
The HALO Fuel Cell uses our patented fuel cell technology (M-SOFC) to charge USB-compatible devices. Our M-SOFC cells are made primarily of stainless steel, with very thin layers of ceramic. The M-SOFC is extremely rugged, capable of rapid thermal cycling and abusive thermal shock, and tolerant to all types of fuels with no fuel processing.This is not a thermoelectric generator. Fuel cells are more efficient than thermoelectrics and more convenient than solar. 

Built To Be Durable
There are no moving parts in the HALO. The ring of fuel cells is housed in a high quality stainless steel body. An optimized circuit transfers energy from the fuel cell directly into your device. As for the lifetime of the fuel cells, they last years under normal usage.

Use Anytime, Anywhere
You shouldn’t have to think about the time of day or the weather to charge your electronics. The HALO Fuel Cell will work rain or shine.

Share the Charge
We’ve designed the product to charge two devices simultaneously. Perfect if your friend needs a charge too.

See the Fuel Cell in Action
A warm orange glow generated from the hot fuel cells functions as a reminder the HALO is turned on. It also just looks cool.


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