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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Helios Handlebars [@ridehelios]

Helios adds a variety of smart features to your bike that improve the overall biking experience. These features include:
  • Proximity Lighting - Allow your bike to sense your presence & automatically turn on your headlight when you're near, and off when you're not.
  • Turn Signals - Left and right blinkers keep you safe & visible on the road.
  • GPS Tracking - Track your bike via SMS from anywhere in the US. Receive the coordinates of your bike & a Google Maps link to its location within 30 seconds of tracking.
  • Visual Speedometer - The rear facing LEDs change color according to how fast you ride, providing you with a visual speedometer so you never need to have your phone out.
  • Turn-by-Turn Navigation - Find the fastest route to any destination by harnessing the power of the Google Maps API.The rear lights will indicate when a turn is approaching.
  • Ambient Lighting - Set the color of the rear lights to any color you want.
Over half of all bike fatalities are due to collisions with motor vehicles. This is usually due to lack of biker visibility- a problem that has always plagued biking. Helios Bars solves this problem by increasing overall visibility and providing a robust indicator system for use on urban or congested roads.


An ultra-powerful CREE LED provides you with a wide spread of illumination that keeps you as visible as a car when on the road. Our headlight outputs at 500 lumens— that’s about 5x brighter than a standard bike light! The best part is that since the light is integrated, it cannot be stolen off of your bike.


We are determined to lower the number of bike accidents that occur every year. Helios Bars come equipped with 2 RGB LED lights in the bar-ends that function as turn signals (aka blinkers). Simply press the tactile button on either side of the stem in order to flash the corresponding blinker for 5 seconds.
All Helios Bars come equipped with a low-power GPS module that tracks your bike’s location from anywhere in the US. Simply slide in a pay-as-you-go SIM card and you’re ready to go. Send your bike a text message (SMS) when you want to retrieve its location, and you’ll receive an SMS reply containing a Google Maps link to its current location.
Our GPS modules have a reserve battery that lasts up to 15 days, so even if a thief manages to remove your batteries, you’ll still be able to track your bike.
Our iOS app allows you to connect Helios Bars to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0Low-energy (BLE)(Currently supported on iPhone 4s and iPhone 5). This unlocks a plethora of smart features that enhance your biking experience.


By connecting to your smartphone, Helios Bars can determine how far you are from your bike and turn your headlight on/off accordingly. Walk up to your bike and your light turns on, walk away and your light turns off.


The speedometer function uses your phone’s GPS to determine your speed and change the color of the rear LEDs to reflect your speed.
Imagine gauging your speed without having to read a display or pull out your phone!


Customize the color of your rear LEDs using our iOS app & give your bike an ambient glow. Maybe you want to match the color of your bike, or maybe you want to match your mood- the choice is yours!


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