Joshua "Pro" Hartman from Major Taylor Development Team Medical Expenses [gofundme]

This website was set up by the Major Taylor Development Team in show of support for our talented teammate Joshua “Pro” Hartman and his family during this incredible crisis. As many of you know, Joshua participated in a bike race on Saturday, June 8 and experienced a devastating crash during the qualifying rounds. He sustained multiple injuries to his face - he fractured his cheekbones, nose, and jaw. Thankfully he had on a helmet which protected his head. However when his face hit the protective railing his mouth was split open. Joshua lost a tremendous amount of blood and now remains in the ICU at Kings County Hospital. 

We hope to raise lots of money to assist the family with the overwhelming medical burden they will surely incur. Joshua will need a series of surgeries to reconstruct his face. I can’t emphasize enough how critical the situation is and that your support is deeply needed. 

Joshua is a fierce competitor, whose talent is equally matched in both road and track cycling. He’s the youngest member of the Major Taylor Development Team, an amateur race team, based in Brooklyn, NY. For the past two years he’s amazed all of us competing in countless races throughout the Tri-State area. Not only does he compete at the Jr. Level he also competes as a Cat-3 on the track and Cat-5 on the road. Last summer 2012, he placed first in the Floyd Bennett, Mango Seed Summer Series along with placing 3rd in the Lucarelli & Castaldi Series in Prospect Park all at the tender age of 14 years old. 

Joshua is an exceptional talent and we love him dearly. We have all the confidences that he will be on the mends in no time. In the meantime, WE REALLY NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

Your donation will enable him to have the countless reconstructive surgeries needed to change his life and his ability to thrive in the future. 

We hope we can count on you…  [Donate here]
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