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Thursday, June 13, 2013

The biggest bicycling infrastructure achievement in North America that you've never heard about

indianapolis Cultural Trail
CC BY 3.0 SF

Indianapolis' Cultural Trail

Back in 2007, we wrote about the beginning of an ambitious project in Indianapolis, with the goal of creating a vast network of beautiful protected bike/pedestrian paths around the city center to connects the city's five downtown Cultural Districts, neighborhoods and entertainment amenities, and "serves as the downtown hub for the entire central Indiana greenway system". Fast forward to today, and Indianapolis' Cultural Trail has become a reality, yet it has been flying under the radar compared to some other bike initiatives like, for example, New York's Citi Bike. That's too bad, because the Indianapolis Cultural Trail deserves the spotlight, and should serve as a model for other cities. In the words of our friend Clarence at Streetfilms, it could be "the biggest bicycling infrastructure achievement in North America and yet it's still practically a secret."
See for yourself how cool it is:

Above is a map of the Cultural Trail (you can see a large version here). What's amazing about it is that it was built with philanthropic dollars. This could be a model for other cities where tax dollars are scarce.


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