There Is No Sale at Skratch Labs

We usually only send these emails when we’re having a sale.  We are not having a sale.  However, we are offering you a little somethin’-somethin’ for FREE and that’s way better than just a regular sale.  At least, as long as you wanted the free thing it is.   If you didn’t want it, then it’s really just an annoying marketing trick.  But how could you not want this?
Super Cool Bottles
Until midnight Sunday, July 7th, for every two pounds of drink mix ordered on our website, we’ll include one free Skratch Labs water bottle.  That means you can spend $39 on something that would normally cost $45 which is kind of the same as a 13.33% discount.  I guess we’re sort of having a sale after all. 

Order four pounds, you get two bottles.  Six pounds gets you three and, just in case you’re really thirsty, twelve hundred and nine pounds will get you six hundred and four bottles.  And a half.*   If you’re the kind of person who just orders singles, we’ll take care of you, too, with a bottle for each box of twenty you order.  The math on that one is a lot easier.

And this isn’t just any bottle, either.

It’s our newly redesigned 21oz Specialized Big Mouth Bottle (21SBMB for short).  We hope you agree that one big logo is better than four little ones.