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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tour de Grandview is Friday, June 28th, 2013 #letsride

The sharp turns, steep inclines and grueling demands of the Tour de Grandview criterium courses have long made them a favorite among participating cyclists. So have the city's laid-back, eclectic culture, the spectators' enthusiasm and the community's historic hospitality. If you've already raced here, you know. If you haven't, the only way to find out what makes this event so special is to put the Tour on your schedule. 

For more information, prize money details, and team and rider registration, contactAndys Burns

Men Category 4/5 30 minutes 6:30 PM

Kids Sprints 

Women Category 1/2/3 30 minutes 7:30 PM
Women Category 3/4 30 minutes 7:30 PM 

Men Category 3 60 minutes 8:05 PM 

Men Category 1/2 70 minutes 8:50 PM

[Tour de Grandview]


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