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Friday, July 19, 2013

Bike commuters influence friends and colleagues to do the same, behavioural study finds |

Bike commuting NYC (copyright bicyclesonly via Flickr)
Research published in the American Journal of Health Behaviour and reported by the British Psychological Society found that people cycle to work often inspire their colleagues to do the same.
The study, led by Melissa Bopp, of Pennsylvania State university examined 1,234 surveys, which included questions related to how people travel to and from work.
They found that people were more likely to commute by bike or on foot, dubbed ‘active commuting’ by the researchers, if their spouses or colleagues approved of them not sitting in a car turning to lard.
The researchers also found that people who were confident of their cycling skills were more likely to ride to work, and that it helps if you believe your bike commute doesn’t take very long.


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