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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Checking out CoGo, the city's new bike-share program | Dispatch

My first CoGo experience got off to a rough start.
The bike-share station at 3rd & Gay refused to take my credit card. I tried again. No. I tried a third time. No. Is it my card, is it the station?
I went over to the station at Broad & High and … voila … it worked! Thank goodness, otherwise this blog post would have ended right here.
Later, someone from CoGo said there’d been a temporary glitch in the system, which they had fixed, and this is why I couldn’t get my bike at 3rd & Gay.
So, here’s my review of CoGo:cogo3
Getting started. It’s pretty easy and straightforward, although there are a lot of steps to get your day pass/code. First, you have to tell the machine if you want one or two day passes, then you swipe your credit card, hope it accepts it and then follow several prompts, including the one where you agree to pay $1,200 if the bike you rent is stolen. In other words: don’t let your bike out of your sight! It costs $6 for a day pass, which seems a little high.


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