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Monday, July 8, 2013

Chicago’s new Super Bike Highway | Chicagood

It’s no secret Chicago believes biking will help boost it’s profile as a world class city. With that being said, Chicago’s Mayor- Rahm Emanuel announced another ambitious project to help boost it’s already 115 miles of bike lanes.
In four years, he wants to create 100 miles of protected bike paths — not just painted lines on the street but paths separated from car traffic by posts or other dividers. By next summer, he wants the city’s first large-scale bike-sharing program, starting with 3,000 bikes.
That is pretty impressive. Chicago could really encourage alternative forms of transportation as cars are becoming more of a problem with soaring gas prices and being home to some of the worst traffic congestions in the nation.
How does Chicago stack up with other cities? Currently Copenhagen is leading the way in cities with the best cycling infrastructure and ridership, (Copenhagen has a whopping 38% bike ridership  commute compared to Chicago’s 2%). Chicago looks to eventually top that by trying to replicate the culture of many hipster neighborhoods in Chicago such as Wicker Park and Logan Square that boasts a very solid 22% ridership. In America Portland and Minneapolis are looked to as the most bike friendly cities with Chicago not too far away. These cities already have an impressive bike lane infrastructure but soon will probably looking at Chicago’s infrastructure with envy.


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