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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Panaracer Pasela Tour Guard 37mm Tires: Final Review

This will be the Final Review on these tires. For the Introduction and First Impressions on these tires, go here.
37mm Panaracer Pasela T-Serve
37mm Panaracer Pasela Tour Guard
Now that I have spent hours and many miles on the Panaracer Pasela tires, I am ready to give my final review on these made in Japan tires with a touring pedigree. A quick recap is in order- At first, I was a bit underwhelmed with the size and ride quality of these tires. With such a stout reputation amongst randonnuers and touring aficionados, I had high expectations and when the ride was somewhat stiff and uninspiring, I felt a bit put out, actually. However; as I state in my earlier post on these tires, they seemed to be loosening up as I piled on the miles, so I was going to withhold judgment…..until now, that is.
Final Impressions: I swapped the Panaracers to a bit wider rim, but they never did “measure up”, as it were, coming in at a 36.3mm measurement at the end of the test period. Not what I had looked for, and would lead me to surmise that these tires tend to run under-sized in relation to the advertised width. That may be a blessing for those looking for a bigger tire, but can not fit a 38mm tire, and want something larger in volume than a 35mm tire.
Despite being run in everything from wet, muddy conditions to dry, rocky, and dusty summertime roads, the Pasela tires look fresh as a daisy, if not a bit dirty. That only due to a total neglect for cleaning them! Tread wear has been very minimal, and there has been no other issues noted with the tire carcass or otherwise. Pressures used ranged from 40psi to as high as 55psi for most of the test. This range seemed best suited to the gravel conditions here and is on par with what I would have expected to be using.
SpecializedPanaracer 4-13 010The tires look to be durable, and I did not experience any punctures during the test period, even though I commuted and tried to run in the gutter where debris was for several rides to and from work at the bicycle shop. On all accounts then, I was mostly impressed with the lone exception of the width.
Ride Performance: The overall ride of these tires...

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