Please support Safer streets for Ohio bicyclists and Drivers

Please support Safer streets for Ohio bicyclists and Drivers by asking your State Representative to pass HB 145, and require a 3-foot passing law.

   HB 145 includes two provisions to help Ohio bicyclists.  

1. Ohio law already requires  that motorists pass bicyclists leaving a safe passing distance. HB 145 sets the safe passing distance as "not less than 3 feet".  Over twenty states  already have a 3-foot rule, and the rule is endorsed by both AAA and the League of American Bicyclists.Setting the 3 foot rule helps with education and enforcement of safe driving practices.  

2. Ohio law already lists situations in which vehicles may procede through an intersection when a traffic signal isn't working.  HB 145 adds another situation- it allows "Failure of a vehicle detector to detect the vehicle." This is a common problem for bicyclists when  the weight of the bicycle doesn't trigger the light to change, and the bicyclists is stuck waiting until a car triggers the detector.   

HB 145 is scheduled to be taken by the Transportation, Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee in September. 

Click this link! --> Please contact your State Representative and ask them to Support HB-145.


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