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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Spotcycle™ helps you get the most out of your bike share system!

Spotcycle™ is a free, fast and smart mobile application that maximizes your bike-sharing experience. Created by 8D Technologies™the brains behind some of the most successful bike-share systems around the world, Spotcycle is one of the handiest apps available on the market.

BIKE stations status and location

  • Locate bike stations on the bike share system.
  • List the ten nearest bike stations.
  • Display the bike and bike dock availability for each bike station.
  • Group stations into favorites for quick access.

CREATE personalized bike routes*

  • Use your smartphone's GPS feature to record and map out your bike route.
  • Annotate points of interest to your bike route.
  • Save your bike routes to your Spotcycle account for later use.
  • Edit your bike routes or add descriptions to them.
  • Add descriptions to your annotations.
  • Class your bike routes and annotations into pre-defined categories.

SHARE your routes

  • Share your saved bike routes with the Spotcycle community and social network via Facebook, Twitter, or email.
  • Or, keep your bike routes private to edit them, and then share them when they're ready!

EXPLORE the city with shared bike routes

  • Ride out bike routes shared by Spotcycle members.
  • Add your own bike routes to the Spotcycle community.
  • Search for bike routes by name, annotations, category or by username.
  • Rate bike routes using the star meter.
  • Try out Top Rated and Top Viewed bike routes from the Top Path tab.
  • Bookmark interesting bike routes to your Spotcycle account and access them from the Bookmark tab.

Key Features


  • Displays bike and bike dock availability at bike stations using pie chart icons.

  • Displays the time of the last update below the title.

  • Search for stations by name, bike or bike dock availability.

    Search for stations by proximity to current location or to a point of interest provided
    by Google Places.

Nearby bike stations

  • Automatically lists the 10 stations closest to your current location, or customize the number of stations to display.

  • Filtered search function automatically lists the 10 stations closest to your current location
    that meet the filter criteria (available bikes, bike docks, or stations); adjusts the list
    dynamically as your location changes.

  • Displays units of measurement in metric or imperial.


  • Create and group your favorite bike stations within a specified radius or by address.

Bike paths

  • Toggle display of bike paths (in supported cities), bike stations or both using the
    layers feature.

Local amenities

  • Optimize biking directions using an address, phone contact's coordinates, your current
    position, a bike station, or a point of interest.

  • Search for local businesses provided by Google Places.

Bike routes

  • Create and save personalized and/or thematic bike routes.

  • Manage and edit your bike routes: annotate points of interest, add descriptions to bike
    routes and annotations.

  • Share bike routes with other members or with your social media community (Facebook, Twitter,
    or e-mail) and try out routes from other members.

  • Review and revise bike routes during and/or after recording. 

Timer and alarm

  • Keep track of your bike rental with a timer and alarm.

Additional Features

  • Search for nearby local businesses, such as restaurants and shops using Google Places.
  • Supports multiple cities.

Customized Display

  • Choose and customize your map views and pins.
  • Customize order of tabs in the Spotcycle tab bar.
  • Supports landscape mode.
  • Available in French and English.


  • Easy email access to Spotcycle support team and to supported bike-sharing schemes for support.


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