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Monday, July 1, 2013


Over the last two years, we have designed and built an innovative solution which instigates the practicality of urban mobility. We are now ready to share the final design result with the world. We are offering Scrooser to the early adaptive kickstarter community to find out who is interested in riding a Scrooser as well as where and why.
We're just a small team with a big idea and are interested in finding the financial supporters to raise the amount of capital needed to establishing the Scrooser as a product in a global market. The additional supplementary financing we are seeking will finally allow us to concentrate on all the details that still need to be worked on like the modification of the frame or the improvement of the driving dynamics. Furthermore, we have to fulfill our engineering obsession of perfecting the impulse drive electric motor. It will take us and our engineers a lot of work, power and money to be able to start with the serial production to share Scrooser with the rest of the world.
As we prepare for the production of our first run of 150 Scroosers we are excited for all the potential backer support and commitment. As limited amounts of rewards become sold out, we will offer new rewards so backers will still be able to preorder a Scrooser with a later production time and respective delivery date. 


The Mobility Solution Company IFPEG is a tech startup founded in Nov 2011. Our aspirations reside in designing and developing new means of transport. We remain focused on solutions that are marketable, innovative, and suitable for daily use.  In March 2012, we embarked upon the Scrooser project which has evolved from an idea into a fully functional riding prototype. During this time, building renovations were completed and we moved into the Scrooser Manufactory on Wilsdruffer Stra├če 11, Dresden, Germany in Dec 2012.
In Feburary 2013, we filmed Scrooser on the vibrant streets of Barcelona. The overwhelming amount of questions by fascinated pedestirans and thier excitement of riding a Scrooser led us to prepare for our first project on Kickstarter. At the moment, we are perfecting the electronics of the progressive impulse drive electric motor while finalizing manufacturing logistics. Scrooser has just been nominated in the category "mobility" for the GreenTec Awards 2013, which honors pioneers who are committed to a more environmentally conscious future.


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