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Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Unconventional Cellist bikes her cello on tour | Treehugger

Photos: Kristin Rule
A couple of years ago Kristin Rule, alias 'The Unconventional Cellist' undertook a 20 week music tour, toting her cello on a motorbike with a solar trailer. With a new album recently released, she is soon to be touring again, but this time by bicycle accompanied by a solar-powered, electric-assist trailer.
The 30 watt solar photovoltaic panel on the 'Mechanarchy 'Watt-Bot' trailer stores electrical energy in a pair of 12 volt batteries. These provide up to three hours of electrically assisted riding for pedalling a cello laden Yuba Mundo up hills. The assistance offered by the 'Watt-Bot' is said to be "akin to having an extremely strong tailwind." But there's much more to the story.


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