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Sunday, July 21, 2013

What The F@&% Were They Thinking Wednesday – Specialized Epic 29er | Drunkcyclist

With all the Tour coverage going on, it’s odd that a large bike company may pick these three weeks in July to release the most recent version of a mountain bike line.  Why not wait a couple more weeks for all the Tour hoopla to die down, then get all the media attention you want of your new fancy projects?  Or maybe the new version of a product line is completely fucked out, and you know it will be ridiculed by the public.  That’s what I think happened with the new Specialzed Epic 29er line released earlier this week.

Before I go balls deep into this new Specialized Epic 29er, I just want to chime in that it appears that fatbikes are officially the new fixies.  Now that Specialized is making their own fatbike (to capitalize hand over fist once again), the fatbike has become an accessory.  I hope the guys from SurlySalsa616, etc ride their collective asses over to that beacon of deuche Specialized calls a home office, and kick the company in the collective balls.  Now onto the new Epic 29er line.  I wish I could forgive Mr. LVB from VeloSnooze for writing the article and taking the pictures as an arm of the Specialized Marketing Co., but I can’t.  I would like to think I can call Logan a friend (although maybe not after this writing), and I understand that he is just doing his job.  But every word printed seems like it was written with the Specialized PR Person reading over his shoulder, making sure he hit all the high points without saying anything negative.


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