Woman Travels 80 Miles Cash In Hand To Purchase Buffalo Bicycle | World Bicycle Relief

Photos and story by Leah Missbach Day
On a bustling day in the industrial center of Harare, Zimbabwe, 27-year old single mother Charity Msendo walked up to the Buffalo Bicycles Headquarters, having traveled 80 miles from her home town. Pulling $160 ragged single dollar bills out of her pocket, she bought her family a Buffalo Bicycle.
Charity’s Buffalo story began when her previous bicycle fell apart--only a month after purchasing it! At that time, Charity started noticing a neighbor whose bike got him through miles and miles of rough terrain without degrading. Charity learned that this was a Buffalo Bicycle--and not only was it tough, it was tough enough to regularly travel over  80 miles to and from Harare--and still work. This super strong bike belonged to the man's son who had worked as a spoke & wheel assembler for four years at the Buffalo Bicycles Headquarters in Harare.


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