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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bike Cult Show | NYC

Bike Cult presents a show of beautiful bicycles in Brooklyn.  Held in Williamsburg's landmark Warsaw concert hall, the Polish National Home "where perogies meet punk," on Labor Day weekend.  Exhibitors include some of the finest artisans of custom hand-crafted bicycles from NYC and elsewhere.  Over 20 makers will display their brand of made-to-order cycling machines, using a variety of materials and methods, where cliches like form vs .function, the genius in the details, and 10,000 hours practice surely apply.
That the bicycle has come to be so cool is no fault of its own.  The world's most efficient vehicle is not only about self-propelled transport and synergistic fun and freedom, it's also profoundly aesthetic as a personal fashion statement embodied with wheels.

Entry Fee:  $10 per day per adult, children under 14 free.
Two day passes available at the door for $15
The Bike Cult Hand-Built Bicycle Show is dedicated to Ezra Caldwell of Fast Boy Cycles in Harlem. Ezra is a renaissance man. For the last five years he has been a bicycle designer and fabricator while being in treatment for aggressive "ass" cancer. Bike Cult Show is grateful to showcase Ezra's life and work. His last bicycle project, a high-end mountain bike named the Ultimate Tight Ass or UTA, will be on display at the show and Ezra will launch the auction of this special bicycle.
[Bike Cult Show]


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