Bike Purifies Water with Pedal-Power | Wired

The CycloClean from Nippon Basic
CycloClean is a Japanese designed bike which purifies water with pedal-power. Aimed at the developing world, the bike can suck up, scrub clean and then store water from pretty much any source. Then all you need to do is ride home.
It works like this. You park up next to a muddy river or dubious looking lake. Lower a hose into the water, hitch the bike up on its stand, and climb back on. The rear wheel is kept off the ground, and the pedals now power a pump. Water is forced through a primary filter before moving on to an activated carbon filter, like the one you may have in a Brita jug at home. Finally, the water passes through a “micro-filtration membrane filter” before being stored in the vessel of your choice.