Bult X3 Helmet With Integrated HD Video Camera

bultHelmet cams are all the rage to capture rides and wrecks, and to document maliucous drivers for the authorities to deal with. Add-on models can be pricey, and while it isn’t spoken about much there is a risk of increased injury in attaching anything to the outside of your helmet. The BultX3 helmet has an integrated 720p HD video camera with a 120ยบ wide angle lens for capturing all of the action unfolding in front of you at 30 FPS. A simple two button power and record system keeps it easy to use on the move, and the four-position lens allows you to aim it where you need depending on your riding and what you’re trying to capture. The built in memory can record an hour of video, and is easily downloaded to your computer via a USB connection. The Bult X3 multi-sport helmet is CPSC and ASTM certified and retails for $119, less than most add-on cameras alone. More information and a list of distributors is available at www.bulthelmets.com
Also available is the lower resolution X1, and coming soon the X5 with even more resolution and double the framerate for better slow-motion replay.